Animation videos for our town hall
The Dengue prevention campaign is one of the most important awareness campaign the Town Hall ran in 2017. This year in Brazil we faced a severe spread of this disease and virus, with many different forms that can be very harmful - and the climate conditions are making even harder to prevent this disease. Fortunately, there are simple actions everybody can make to help prevent the spread of the virus, and the awareness campaign focus in those actions :)
Christmas campaign for Procon - the consumer's defense public agency - to give some tips for shopping in this time of the year.
Conscious Santa will not make mistakes in his christmas shopping!
National Traffic awareness campaign - this animation competed for the prize of Mobifilm festival in the category "Animation" and was exhibited in Unibes Cultural São Paulo
Cittamobi is a mobile app developed to facilitate the exchange of information among the people and the public transportation's times and routes. A latest update brings some features that help blind people hear about their buses as well :)
Colab is a mobile app our town is using to enhance communication among the town hall and the people. You can notificate and send pictures of problems to the town hall and receive their answer as soon as they see it. It's helping both sides, town hall is more aware of what's going on at the city, and people got a more direct communication channel as well
Descarteme is a mobile app that notifies their users about garbage collect hours and routes, making it possible to avoid some problems caused by garbage in the street for hours, specially in rain seasons like summer
Public awareness campaign of the Consumer's Day
Policlinicas web motion:
Policonsultas is a private health service that makes possible for people to book doctor appointments for reasonable values and with more availability. They also run medical exams and simple procedures. 
Series of videos made for the townhall tv and web ads 2015/2016:
Sol e Neve/2016:
Our favourite ice cream shop asked us for a animation campaign that was delightful to create :)
Political campaign 2016 web and tv ads:
Motion for Education Startup Zero Dúvidas/2015:
Zero Dúvidas is an education startup from Brazil running an online platform with teachers and simulated exams to help students study and prepare themselves for their most important college exams. It runs 24/7 and has a lot of great features in all study subjects
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