We were asked to create the motion and visual ID for a political campaign this year, it had to be strong, memorable, easy to recognize on tv, newspaper and press. We chose to use extremely iconic images, citric colors and stick figures to represent the people on the images. We developed a series of motion, some gif doodles for web and also some infographic-ish stills. The topics of the animations were, mainly, town hall subjects and public issues, but we also had some very different ones like Plato's Allegory of the Cave. It was a big project but very fun to make, and also with great results. We were inspired by cities ID, such as Porto, Singapore, Burges, Barcelona and Buenos Aires.
Icon library:
Stills from motion:
Ecologic projects:
Social initiatives:
Motion for Plato's Allegory of the Cave:
Health unities:
Demographic pyramid & Elderly projects:
GIF doodles to quick illustrate some ideas:
Concept for interactive google map app:
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